Our Policy

Delivery terms and conditions

The country of manufacturing and shipment of the medicines offered by us is India. Long distance is the reason why time is needed for delivery. As a rule your orders are delivered to you during 10-17 days, however a delay can occur and the shipment can be late for about 5 days.

If you do not receive the shipment after the specified terms, feel free to contact us and inform our management about it. Our specialists will make everything possible in order to solve the occurred problem and propose you an adequate solution.


Terms of Cancellation of Orders

We can cancel your order only in case if you cancel it during the first 24 hours after you have submitted it. In case if you would like to perform the cancellation of your order, please inform our support department by means of e-mail or via phone about it. However, if you try to cancel your order after the first 24 hours, we will not be able to do so.

Before submitting your order, please, check the delivery address you wrote in the ordering form carefully; it shall be valid and correct, as even a small mistake can result in problems with order shipment and delivery. In case you have noticed a mistake in your shipment address, please contact us immediately.


Conditions of refunding

Our company guarantees that the medicines offered by us are equivalent to their famous analogues producing the same effect and being chemically identical.

However, if for some reason a client is not satisfied with the quality or effect of the medicines he received, he can feel free to contact us. Sometimes the incorrect dosage or ignoring the instructions, as well as consumption of alcohol or fatty food before taking the medicine can influence their effect. If there is another reason, our company guarantees the possibility for refunding; the returns department shall supply the client with the return address and start refunding after receiving the defective product.

You can also request for refunding in case if you have not received your order in time (as we have already mentioned, the delivery delay can be up to 5 days due to customs checking). So the total time for delivery is about 22 days. If after 22 days you have not received the ordered product, you can connect us and we shall reimburse your payment to your credit card to the full extent. Our specialists usually need about 7 business days to complete the refunding procedure.

We are sorry to inform you that our company cannot accept returns even if the products package is unopened, as the medicines provided by us need special storage conditions, and one cannot guarantee observance of the storage requirements during transportation.


Confidential Information Protection

The information we demand from our clients is needed only for ordering and shipment and is not used by any persons further. Our company guarantees that the information provided by us is not shared with any parties and is primarily encrypted by modern SSL 256 bit software, providing privacy for all input data. The financial transactions performed by our clients are also secure: the independent and reliable agencies had certified the billing servers used by us and confirmed our capability to keep all information private. The last 4 figures from the number of the credit card of the payer are shown in the database, but this information cannot make it possible for any persons to get access to any your personal data. Our company appreciates the privacy of our clients and will do everything possible to help you keep your data carefully – this issue is of the first priority.


Terms of site use

This website is created for those who would like to contact us and make an order from Cyprus. All the terms and conditions for using this site and making purchases are under the jurisdiction of law and courts of the Republic of Cyprus. A person who would like to make an order shall sign up and provide information confirming that the client is over 18 years old. Be sure to keep your register information secure and private in order not to transfer it to third parties.

The Centralux Limited company cannot guarantee however the certain terms for your order delivery in case if you are placing an order for medicines supply to the USA. In such circumstances the client shall understand that the order is subject to control of the Customs of the USA, and for some reasons the shipment can be delayed for an indefinite term or not delivered at all. As it was noticed before, we would reimburse the cost of the ordered medicine in case of non-delivery; these regulations also cover cases of non-delivery due to problems with the USA Customs, but not the cases of delay due to the same reason, and the customer shall understand that the company does not bear responsibility for it.

To the extent provided by the law the Centralux Limited forfeit guarantees concerning this web page contents. These circumstances may be changed.

If the client’s losses or claims are neither related to death or injuries nor connected with the activity or negligence of the employees, management or directors of the Centralux Limited company or companies related to it, and are indirectly or directly connected with the use of this web site, the company shall not be responsible for claims or losses and shall not bear any responsibility.

This website purpose is not to give professional medical help, but to provide support for it. Before ordering not only ours, but all and any generic medicines be sure to consult your attending physician, as well as before taking any new medicines. Read all the product instructions and labels carefully and be sure to comply with them.

All the links provided on this web page are posted only for the sake of convenience of the clients. The content of these additionally given websites is not under the control of the Centralux Limited, so our company does not bear any responsibility for it.

While some or any of these provisions may turn out to be invalid, it shall not affect the other enforceable terms and conditions.

The information posted on this website shall serve for the purposes of advertisement and an offer to order the proposed medicines. None of the consumer’s rights are affected by means of its content or these terms and regulations. The company reserves the right to refuse to execute an order without explaining the reason for refusal; likewise the company can contact the user by means of a confirmation e-mail (which is a notification of the fact that the company manager has received the customer’s order) and provide necessary information for processing the order and performing the shipment. The order cannot be evidently processed if the amount of available medicines is less than the ordered amount. All the orders are checked by the pharmacist, and then a contract shall be made between the client and the company at the point of a sale invoice issued by the Centralux Limited. Remember you shall indicate your real address in order to omit potential problems with delivery.


Regulations of Acceptable Use

This Policy document is developed for protecting the Centralux Limited company and, in the same way, the Internet community in general, from ill activities on the part of some irresponsible users. It contains a list of activities which are prohibited to execute through the systems and services of our company. This document is considered as an integral part of an Agreement between the client and the company. The user shall understand that violations of the regulations provided in the Acceptable Use Policy document can lead to blocking or termination of his account as an account of a breaching Party.

The company reserves the right to change the list of prohibited actions at any time at its own convenience.


List of Prohibited Actions at the Centralux Limited Services:

  1. Sending “spam” (i.e. so-called Unsolicited Bulk Email) in any of its forms by means of the services of the Centralux Limited Company, as well as using other online services for this purpose, is prohibited. Advertising other services, websites or resources through services of other providers, and the services of this site is prohibited as in this way the users are acting in violation of valid Policy and regulations of this website usage.
  2. The attempts to gain access to the accounts or resources of other users without their expressed concern (so-called “cracking” or security breaks) will be stopped immediately.
  3. The user shall not distribute, store or transfer any information which can violate current laws and regulations. Such information includes, for example, any types of intellectual property like trade secrets of the company, or materials that appear to be offensive, obscene or in any way posing to threat or violating any laws or regulations.
  4. All the mailing addresses provided by the user shall be valid and confirmed. The users shall not subscribe any other e-mail addresses to the company database without obtaining an expressed permission of the address owner himself; likewise shall not they purchase the lists of e-mail addresses from the third persons for the purpose of mailing to them from the domains placed on servers of the Centralux Limited. The user shall save the message of subscription confirmation.
  5. One shall not use the services of Centralux Limited Company with the aim to oppose other clients and customers to use the network.
  6. The users are prohibited to act on behalf of services or firms, the names of which are listed in the ROKSO – Spamhaus Register of Known Spam Operations or provide their account to the third persons acting on behalf of them. The list of such firms, services or persons is given at www.spamhaus.org.
  7. The attempts to avoid payment by means of usage of some services or programs of the third parties will be reacted to immediately.
  8. Using of any facilities, devices or other means aimed to destruction, alteration or illegal access to information of the company or its users is strictly prohibited.
  9. Participation in activities organized to attack the resources or websites (so-called DDOS attacks) or contribution into it for other users of the Centralux Limited services or services of other providers is not allowed.
  10. Providing, transferring or advertising any services, programs or software products intended for violation of some documents of Acceptable Use Policy for this or any other website, including facilities designed for automatic flooding, mail bombing, spam sending or service attacks or security breaks is prohibited.


Responsibility of a Customer of the Centralux Limited

Every person who is a customer of the company shall be responsible for his own actions as the user of Centralux Limited services. By agreeing with the policy of the company, each customer accepts responsibility to ensure meeting the requirements of the Policy on his part and on part of his customers. All complaints connected with the customers and clients are forwarded to the postmaster. In case of occurrence of any violation of the AUP of the Centralux Limited Company, it reserves the right to terminate or block the services without notifying or take any other actions in order to stop the violations from the part of a certain customer.


Disclaimer statement

  1. Be sure to check the delivery address in the ordering form, as the company expressly disclaims all responsibility for non-delivery of the product in case of a mistake of the user. Also we cannot reimburse your purchase in case if you in some other way had interfered successful delivery besides providing us with the wrong or insufficient address – failure to claim the order delivery, its refusal or resending it to the wrong address. In such circumstances the reshipment is possible only by means of International Regular Mail.
  2. The Centralux Limited Company does not bear responsibility for occurrence of delivery delay which does not exceed ten (10) days after the potential date of delivery specified in the agreement between the client and the company. Officially, the term in ten days after the probable date of delivery (or the next day in case of local holiday) is considered to be the deadline for providing our services. The complaints received later will not be considered.
  3. In case if the purchased product has not been used in compliance with the instruction or its conditions of storage, the company cannot take responsibility for the consequences.
  4. If the customer is not satisfied with marking, size, color, shape of the pills or some other traits of this kind or place of manufacturing specified on the package, we are not able to bear responsibility for it. The product we propose to our clients is meant to be the generic medicine, so such characteristics may differ from the Customer’s expectations. The information on the generics proposed by us is given at our website. Particularly the information on marketing and manufacturer names, as well as images of the product, are given only for information and for convenience of the user.
  5. Confirming your order, you agree that you have read and understood all the information from the disclaimer. Thus, any actions taken in violation of the listed terms and conditions can be considered as illegal and this may result in blocking the user.